БОХИ-българско общество на хуманитарните издатели

Bulgarian Society of Publishers in Humanities (BSPH)

was established in the beginning of 2007.

We are professional non-governmental association of publishers mainly, but also of authors, translators, editors, and journalists working in the domain of books and periodicals in humanities, belles lettres, and arts.

We aim at:

  • looking for solutions of the specific problems we face because of the small scale of our type of publishing, and because of acting  in a "small culture" and via a "small language";
  • protecting our professional and intellectual independence;
  • lobbying for a fair book trade locally;
  • partnering with akin organisations in Bulgaria and abroad.

We would like to work in cooperation with all governmental and non-governmental actors in publishing humanities and belles lettres at home and abroad.

Managing Committee:

Antoaneta Koleva (KX - Critique & Humanism Publishing House)


Ani Burova (Literary Newspaper [Literaturen vestnik])
Vanya Serafimova (Human & Social Studies Foundation - Sofia)

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