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Literaturen Vestnik
1 Ivan Rilski Str.
1606 Sofia,
e-mail: litvestnik@yahoo.com
Literaturen Vestnik [Literary newspaper] is a weekly for literature and culture, founded in 1991. It publishes Bulgarian and translated literature, critical reviews on books, movies, theater, music and art, articles on literary history and theory, and essays debating key topics from the current cultural and socio-political situation. The magazine stood in the center of the radical change, undergone by the literary language and the thinking about literature, that marked the Bulgarian 1990s.

Literaturen vestnik offers to the writers and the intellectuals free space, independent from the demands of the mass culture and post-totalitarian ideologies. The magazine tries to present new and original works and ideas from the Bulgarian literature and from the literatures of the former “Western World” and “Eastern Europe” as well.

Literaturen vestnik is published by Literaturen vestnik Foundation. The editorial board includes: Edvin Sugarev (editor-in-chief), Malina Tomova (deputy editor-in-chief), Georgi Gospodinov, Boyko Penchev, Plamen Doynov, Amelia Licheva, Yordan Eftimov, Ani Burova.

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